Interim Management - Global Perspective
Your competent Partner for Asia

Our experience is diverse – just like the projects we have already implemented.

Globalization, new markets, and constant technological and structural changes  - these factors are setting the pace worldwide. 

To master these complex challenges within short, companies do need a competent support. 

We align your company in Asia sustainably and strategically, ensure growth and lead it out of any economic restrain, so that you can set the pace best suited for you. 

And the benefits you will have:

  • You don not tie up any resources.
  • You can implement your expansion strategy within short. 
  • You will achieve your economic goals faster. 
  • You reduce your entrepreneurial risks drastically,

What is your challenge?

I am offering project related support, encompassing:


Flyer Asia BIZ


Optimize the local Value-Stream,  Strategic Planning and driving revenue, Market evaluation, Closure of production sites cum relocation. Program/ Portfolio Management  - execution of complex projects.



Market and Segment Development, Market Entrance, Customer Relation Management, Establishment and expansion of a dealer and service network (b2b)


Restructure and further development, Transformation, Process optimization, Change Management, Relocation of production site, Corporate and profit improvement.


Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Evaluation and contract negotiation, M&A and Post Merger Integration.